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This Bill Murray Space Jam jersey is from the movie, Space Jam. Bill Murray portrayed himself in this film.

An intergalactic amusement park called Moron Mountain from outer space needs to capture the Looney Tunes to serve as new entertainment. Looney Tunes need to win their freedom by a game of basketball. The team called Tune Squad included Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, and other Looney Tunes characters. The team of Moron Mountain, on the other hand, is called Monstars which absorbs talent from other NBA players.

This can be considered as a collector’s item because Bill Murray played as the fifth member of the team and this is his only basketball movie.

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Luis M.

I am confused between small so I had to get a medium and it still fit okay. The material is perfect and there were no issues. Great purchase, especially for it to be a classic movie!

Jeff Diamond

Comes well packaged. Seams are well finished. Totally worth the price.

Parris Grimes

You ain’t a 90’s kid if you dun now . 😉Halloween 2022🎃 are you ready ?


This is a bargain. Quality is outstanding period, and I'm not even speaking about the quality relative to the price. Bought it as a novelty purchase, but now it's something I legitimately wear out.The shipping time was also not as long as I had expected.


I feel like the real Bill Murray from the movie Space Jam. Great jersey